The Differences of a Rural Road Car Accident

roadway on hills

Rhode Island and Massachusetts have a wide variety of different terrains throughout the states. There are the bustling, busy traffic areas like Providence or Boston, but then you have the more open roads of Foster, Exeter, or Dighton. Today, I focus on the rural road car accidents that present special challenges.

Hazards and Statistics of Rural Road Car Accidents

According to the Department of Transportation’s annual reports, there is a high trend between rural road accidents and truck accidents in the United States. In fact, 73% of the large truck car accident fatalities have occurred in a more rural area. 67% of pick-up truck and 57% of SUV car accidents have also happened on rural roads, rather than urban or suburban roads.

Rhode Island and Massachusetts might be made up of more urban and suburban areas, but the 2018 Rhode Island Highway Safety Plan states that 51 of the 57 fatalities have occurred on rural roadways. Why do these accidents happen so often, though?

Causes of Rural Road Accidents

One of the main differences between urban roads and rural roads are the amount of street lights available. In a more urban area, the roads will be well-lit and easier to drive through at night. However, there is minimal lighting available around lesser-traveled roads, making it extremely challenging for rural road drivers to see – especially at night. Without the proper lighting, it is more likely for someone to get into a car accident and endure personal injuries in a rural area.

Another cause of a rural road accident could be the lack of safety measures on the road. Guard rails and traffic barriers are not available, making a small swerve turn into a major auto accident. Road obstacles, such as debris, wildlife, or unexpected road curves could also lead to a rural road car accident.

Taking Precautions When Driving in Rural Areas

Whether it is a road trip calling your name or just a quiet drive in a traffic free area, you should always be prepared. Drivers who travel on rural roads should certainly refrain from any distractions – especially texting or talking on the phone without a hands-free device.

Road navigation systems are constantly improving, but the mapping of rural areas are not as advanced as urban areas. Always be sure to use your best judgement when it comes to using your GPS when driving in a rural environment.

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