Top 3 Car Accident Personal Injuries

car accident

Handling car accident personal injury claims across Rhode Island and Massachusetts, I have seen many types of injuries in my experience. Here are what you could call the top 3 that I deal with against insurance companies:

1. Neck and Back Musculoskeletal (Soft Tissue) Injuries

The mechanism of a car crash often causes the human body to slingshot and whip around the vehicle. This impact can cause neck and back injuries to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. They are sometimes referred to as whiplash type or soft tissue injuries or neck sprains, or back sprains.

A whiplash occurs when the neck muscles and ligaments are stretched due to sudden movements imposed on the head and neck in a type of collision.

2. Head Injuries: Concussion, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MBTI)

An unexpected stop or change of direction inside a car can cause the person’s head to hit the side window or steering wheel upon impact, which can cause a scrape or cut, or deeper lacerations. It may also cause a “shaken baby syndrome” type mechanism of injury.

True concussions often involve amnesia or loss of consciousness after a car crash. Other symptoms may include photophobia, floaters, headaches, difficult processing, or fatigue. Closed head injuries are caused from more serious car accidents, where the fluids and tissues inside the skull are damaged from sudden movement or impact occurred to the head. These types of injuries are usually concussions, but more severe injuries could be traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and lead to brain damage.

3. Shoulder Injury or Knee Injury After A Car Crash

Injuries to joints such as shoulder or knee can be found when the impact car accident slams a body part against a dashboard, steering wheel, air bag, or other part of the interior.

Shoulder sprains, bursitis, labrum, and rotator cuff tears are just a few of the injury claims I have successfully handled. The knee sprain to torn MCL, ACL, etc. have also been settled on behalf of our clients after a car accident.

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