Trip and Fall Settlement

Store owners, like all property owners, lawfully must keep their stores from dangerous conditions.  Recently, I worked on a trip and fall case where that was regrettably, not the case.

What Am I Required To Prove In A Rhode Island Slip And Fall Case?

When someone slips, trips, or otherwise injures themselves on another’s property, an area of law known as “premises liability” governs any personal injury claim.

In essence, to prevail on a slip and fall personal injury case in Rhode Island the injured party must prove beyond a preponderance of the evidence that the property owner was negligent.  This means that the owner either knew or should have known of a dangerous condition that caused the personal injuries.

Rhode Island Trip And Fall Case Results In Foot Fracture

Our client was shopping with a friend at a North Kingstown, Rhode Island store.  At some point, someone had placed an irregular step separating two parts of the store.  As our client shopped at the clothes display that had been placed next to the step down, she lost her balance and tripped down that step. Upon investigating the step, we took measurements.

trip and fall step photographed in store

It turns out that the step was of an unusual depth and run, making a trip resulting in a fall more likely.

trip and fall step measured and photographed in store

Close-up photo of the unusual step measured.

In this case, when our client tripped and fell, she fractured her foot.  She was diagnosed with a non-displaced fracture at the tip of the base of the middle of the foot and needed to see an orthopedic surgeon for casting, followed by physical therapy. This was a disruption to her busy professional life and also meant that she could not complete training for a planned marathon.

X-ray of a non-displaced fracture at the tip of the base of the middle of a foot.

X-ray of a non-displaced fracture at the tip of the base of the middle of a foot.

How To Investigate and Prosecute a RI Slip And Fall? Get The Bottaro Team On Your Side!

I enjoyed working on our client’s case.  As always, I had great assistance from our amazing team, including our paralegal Arriana and investigator, Matt.

Paralegal, trip and fall

Arriana, a top-performing paralegal on the Bottaro Law team.

Lead investigator, trip and fall

Matt, lead investigator on our client’s case.

Our team put in the work to fully investigate and prove this dangerous condition as well as poring through medical records to convey the personal injuries.  Great job, Team!

Our preparation paid off in a handsome out-of-court settlement!  Our happy client visited our firm to thank case manager, Arriana, Attorney Mike Bottaro, and drop off the team some baked goods to say thank you. She also shared kind words on our Google page!

Trip and fall client with team

“… I am so impressed with your staff and how wonderful everyone treated me (especially Arriana) A huge thank you for the unbelievable settlement amount you were able to win! I am still letting it sink in.” – Erin P.

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