Vehicle Recall: BMW Recalls More Than 250,000 Vehicles due to Backup Camera Concerns


BMW has recently come out with a wide recall on 2018-2020 BMW models due to the display settings of the back-up camera. In the settings, people can go and turn off the rear camera view when the car is in reverse.

This recall affects many of the newer BMW models, as well as some Rolls-Royce models and the 2020 Toyota Supra. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that this camera issue can increase the risk of a car crash and does not adhere to the federal safety standards.

BMW will update the back-up camera software for all recalled vehicles, free of charge for the drivers. If you are an owner of a newer BMW and are curious if your model has been recalled, look up your vehicle’s VIN on the NHTSA website for more information.

Back-Up Cameras and Car Accidents – Do they harm more than they help?

Even though newer car models have back-up camera technology, the NHTSA has only reported that back-up accidents have gone down by only 8%. Reversing is one of the first things that we do when we get into the car, but our brains aren’t fully in “driving mode” yet, sometimes causing an auto accident to occur.

To prevent a car accident and to avoid any personal injuries, always be sure to practice these tips for safe reversing:

  • Whenever possible, try to park where you won’t have to back out of anywhere
  • Be sure to look before backing up to ensure your path is clear of people and other obstructions
  • Back out slowly – watching for people, other vehicles, or objects that can enter your path
  • Check mirrors, back-up camera, and blind spots and repeat frequently while backing up.

Back-up cameras may be convenient by giving you an extra set of eyes, but it should never be the only view you use when backing up.

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