The Honor Of Representing Our Veterans: Camp Lejeune Lawyers

As many of you know, we have been taking on Camp Lejeune toxic water claims since the new law went into effect in August.  It has been a real honor to help our veterans and their families throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts with the Camp Lejeune lawsuits. 

In today’s blog, I asked our legal assistant Alexis to provide her experience.  Here is what Alexis had to write:

“Working on the Camp Lejeune cases has given me a new perspective as I have met many veterans and their families. 

Camp Lejeune Cases - Alexis, Mike, and Willie

Mike, Alexis, and Willie the Legal Beagle

For example, recently I met with our client, a veteran named Paul.  Paul served in the Marines and was stationed at Camp Lejeune in 1967.  Paul came to us because he trusted us with a past personal injury case and told me that we did a great job.  He is concerned with the toxic water and how it may have caused his serious heart and kidney diagnoses that he has struggled with since leaving the Marines.

As we welcomed him to our office, it did not take long before Paul began sharing his life story.  Through his military and life experiences, Paul’s love of our country and his own faith walk deepened.  He shared some personal obstacles in his life and how through faith and persistence he has grown.  Paul’s friends now know him as the guy who always has his devotional booklets with him, quick to share a smile and story and pass out these booklets in the hopes that it might help others.  Ironically, Paul and I have something in common – he actually helped build the Church I currently attend over 30 years ago!

Working on the Camp Lejeune cases has been challenging.  I have learned a lot about the law, while also learning a lot about veterans and their lives.  It has been truly inspiring to help our veterans here at Bottaro Law!”

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