Warwick Car Accident Settlement

Did you know that the driver that makes the left-hand turn that results in a collision is almost always at fault? It is important to be aware of your surroundings and know who has the right of way when driving on the road. 

Making a left turn can be a dangerous maneuver especially when assuming that there is no source of traffic or vehicles coming in your direction. According to the Rhode Island State Police, it is suggested that vehicles are at least 100 feet away before attempting a left turn. 

Recently, we settled a claim for a grateful client that was struck by a vehicle making a left-hand turn in front of her.

Bald Hill Road Car Accident With Severe Personal Injuries  

In this case, our client was traveling northbound on Post Road in Warwick, RI when a careless driver attempted a left turn in front of her and struck her driver’s side. 

Warwick, RI Car Accident

Our client’s vehicle after the accident

According to the City of Warwick Transportation Improvement Program, Post Road is one of the busiest roads in Warwick, RI., leading to car accidents amongst many other roads including Bald Hill Road, Toll Gate Road, and Warwick Avenue.  Over the years, we have won numerous car accident personal injury settlements for clients in Warwick, Rhode Island.  

The uninsured defendant was traveling southbound on Post Road in Warwick, RI when he was attempting the left turn on Elmwood Avenue. 

Our client suffered personal injuries to her upper back, neck, and shoulders. The pain was so severe that it was radiating down her arms from being seated directly at the point of impact at her driver’s side of the car and airbags deployed. 

Warwick, RI Car Accident

Our client’s vehicle after the accident

The Warwick Police Department came to the scene and immediately cited the at-fault driver with M/V Violation 31-13-4, obedience to devices.

 The police report clearly stated that there was a sign posted no left turn, hanging from the traffic control post and he was automatically at fault for the collision.

Can I Sue When The Car Accident Driver Had No Insurance? Winning This Uninsured Motorist Case 

In Rhode Island car accidents, when the at-fault driver does not have car insurance, you can still recover money for your personal injury case so long as you have uninsured motorist insurance coverage.

Our client did have UM coverage.  She is not only a mother of two but has been working at the Rhode Island Rehabilitation Center for over 20 years. Due to the accident, she would suffer not only personal injuries but financial losses. 

UM covers your injuries, your passengers’ injuries, and damage to your vehicle if you are hit by a driver that doesn’t have enough coverage to pay for the damages or injuries they caused. 

Warwick, RI Car Accident

After sending a demand to our client’s insurer, they accepted liability and were able to collect more than the maximum settlement for our client. 

Why should she suffer from someone else’s neglect? She made the right decision by calling The Bottaro Law Firm and having us fight against the insurance companies for her losses. 

The case resulted in a $100,000.00 tax-free settlement, which provided enough security to make up for the time she missed from work and be able to get her car fixed, back on the road, and get her back to work. 

Warwick, RI Car Accident

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