What Are The Top Three Things to Do After A Car Accident Injury?

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With decades of experience practicing personal injury law in Rhode Island, our firm gets questions about car accidents on a daily basis.  Today, I share best lawyer tips on what to do after a Rhode Island auto accident:

1. Call The Police

If you are able, call 911 at the scene. Why? It is very important that you preserve and document evidence after a car crash. Police will arrive at the scene gather critical evidence that will help you down the line on your case! Car accident scenes can change quickly – witnesses and drivers of other involved vehicles might leave the scene or cars could get towed away.

For example, the police officer will take witness statements, document insurance information, and sometimes take photographs. If you are able, tell the officer what happened in calm terms, and tell the officer if you are in pain. If you are injured, you may wish to take an ambulance directly to the emergency room.

All of this evidence will help us prosecute your case with the auto insurance companies to ensure that your legal rights are upheld.

2. Obtain Emergency Medical Treatment Within 24 Hours

For your health and to fight off unethical auto insurance companies, you should get to an emergency room as soon as possible after the crash.

After a crash, with your adrenaline running through your body, it is very difficult to know the severity of your injuries. Many people have made the mistake of delaying medical treatment and “toughing it out” or “downplaying it.” This is unwise from a medical standpoint.  Trained emergency room personnel will conduct an initial analysis of your injuries.

You may be surprised that personal injuries. Show themselves in different ways to different people. What may begin as a neck or back strain, may actually be a nerve or disc injury. Shoulder strains may actually be rotator cuff tears.

The auto insurance companies are trained to fight your case if you do not seek immediate treatment. Their lawyers will argue that not getting immediate treatment means that you are not injured, or that the injuries occurred from a different source.

Treat your body right and get to emergency care right away.

3. Call or Text Us 24/7 at 401-777-7777 For A Free Case Consultation

You need our help as soon as possible after a crash, because even when you are not at fault, the auto insurance companies and billing companies are immediately making moves to take advantage of you and your finances.

The system is set up for these big, for profit companies to squeeze profit at your expense! No matter how nice these “representatives” are trained to be on the phone with you, please do not speak to them! They are looking out for their company’s interests, not yours!

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, my team and I know all the tricks played on car accident victims by insurance companies. We are passionate about standing up to these bullies and helping you achieve justice on your case.

We make it easy and convenient to speak to us at no upfront charge, wherever is convenient for you. With our exclusive “No Fee Guarantee,” you only pay us when we win your case and we advance all costs on your case. This way, you get great legal advice and can concentrate on getting better. Let us handle the calls, forms, and billing questions.

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