What Happens When Your Auto Insurance Company Denies Your Claim After a Rhode Island Car Accident?

What happens when your auto insurance company denies your claim after a Rhode Island car accident? I’m personally injury lawyer, Mike Bottaro. Today I explain a big time settlement that I reached in a Rhode Island bad faith lawsuit.

Our clients were a mother and daughter traveling in a slow lane on Route 95 in Warwick. An underinsured driver slammed into them. This caused a major highway car accident. Our clients were not at fault, but their own auto insurance company refused to treat them right. And at our law firm we aggressively pursue bad insurance companies, so I slapped a lawsuit on them. We contended that they did not treat their own customers fairly and so they needed to pay. This is known as bad faith law and I know bad faith law after a personal injury case.

So what happened? In the lawsuit after going to court and fighting for our clients that same insurance company paid over $150,000 to settle their case. Fighting for the injured after a car accident is what I do. If you have a case I want to be your lawyer.

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