What Is an "IME" And Why You Should Be Worried!


Have you ever realized that the name of something is actually not accurate at all? This is Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury lawyer Mike Bottaro and today I am going to blog about a topic that is completely unfair to anyone with a car accident or other personal injury legal claim.

What Is The Rhode Island Or Massachusetts Independent Medical Exam “IME”)?

An “independent medical examination (IME)” is a legal term of art that is seriously inaccurate! Allow me to explain: When you bring a personal injury claim, you must allow the other side access to not only your relevant medical records, but also in some cases, to submit to a medical examination taken by the doctor of the insurance company’s choice. In other words, the insurance company that is trying to deny, delay, or defend your case (meaning – pay you nothing or very little money), may be entitled to force you to attend a doctor visit – not your doctor – but the insurance company’s doctor!

Why am I scheduled for an IME?

The answer is that the IME is another tool for the insurance company to pay you as little as possible on your personal injury case!

The way it works is that the insurance company hires a “doctor” – and by that, I mean typically a doctor whose career is not exactly going well….A “doctor” who is willing to work for a lower rate to give opinions that an insurance company needs to try to deny, delay, or defend your personal injury case.

Once that doctor “examines” you, he/she will write a medical legal expert report that will typically state that you are not hurt as bad as you claim; not hurt at all; or hurt due to some reason other than the subject personal injury claim.

What happens if I do not show up to the IME?

If you repeatedly fail to appear for an IME, bad things may occur on your claim. For example, the insurance company could void coverage or a Court could fine or sanction you.

Of course, at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC we fight for our clients’ rights and will do all we can to ensure the appointment is convenient and that it is as fair as possible. My team knows how to defend against these tricks and win your case!

What should I to expect during a RI / Mass. Personal injury IME?

The doctor, who will conduct your IME, will already have all of your medical records for the injuries sustained in your motor vehicle accident. Here is what to expect during your IME:

  • Patient interview to learn the history of your injuries
  • An examination of injuries

The doctor may likely record the examination and/or have other parties present as witnesses. We may do likewise. When you are our client, you can also expect that we will prepare you in additional ways before the IME!

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