What is the Difference between a Strain and Sprain?

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Sprains and strains are common terms used after you have suffered personal injuries from an auto accident. What exactly are those and how do they affect the value of your personal case throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts?

Sprains – Focusing on your Ligaments

When you are diagnosed with a sprain, it means that your ligaments either overstretched or tore during your accident. Ligaments are the bands of tissues that connect two bones together in a joint. Back, neck, or knee sprains are extremely common personal injuries to endure after a motor vehicle accident.

Symptoms of a sprain are extremely similar to strain symptoms – which is why people frequently are confused over the two conditions. Sprain symptoms include:

  • Bruising
  • Pain around the affected area
  • Swelling
  • Limited flexibility
  • Difficulty using the joints full range of motion.

Sprains usually take a couple of more weeks than a strain does to heal fully. A sprain will mostly take about 3 to 4 weeks to heal, but depending on severity, it could take even longer.

Strains – All About the Muscles

A joint strain also involves overstretching or tearing, but focuses on the muscles or tendons. Your tendons are the fibrous cords of tissue that connects bones to muscles. We usually will come across a diagnosis of a lower back strain when reading medical records – as this is one of the most common areas for a muscle strain.

As mentioned, the symptoms of a muscle strain are very similar to the symptoms of a sprain. The only difference is that the injured area will experience muscle spasms rather than the area being bruised.

Strains take about a week to heal, but the area might be sore still or the muscle has lost some of its strength. Physical therapy will help you build up the injured muscle, as well as help you get back your full range of motion.

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