What Is Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage (“UM”)?


What happens to you if you get into an auto accident and the driver who hit you doesn’t have insurance? Or does not have enough insurance? My team and I handle these situations everyday in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and today I will be blogging about this scenario involving (1) underinsured motorist coverage (“UIM”); and, (2) uninsured motorist coverage (“UM”).

What is Uninsured Motorist Car Insurance (UM)?

When you buy auto insurance, the default coverage includes “Uninsured motorist coverage” or “UM” coverage. This coverage is very important because it protects you in the event that the driver who caused your car accident did not have coverage of their own.

UM coverage can apply to fixing your car, paying your medical bills, paying your lost wages, and pain and suffering, for example.

In essence, you need our help as top personal injury lawyers to fight your own company. Your own company cannot penalize you as by law, they are supposed to step into the shoes of the at fault driver and do the right thing to provide full benefits. Unfortunately, your own company will not provide full benefits without our help because they are looking to cut corners and pay you as little as possible!

What is Underinsured Motorist Car Insurance (UIM)?

When you buy UM coverage, it also includes UIM coverage.  UIM coverage is slightly different.

UIM coverage applies when an at-fault driver has coverage, but the limits are not enough to fully compensate you. In this situation, our lawyers know how to make claims against both the driver and your UIM coverage to for items such as your medical expenses.

In this way, we can sometimes get you even more compensation, and this does not affect your rates!

Does Massachusetts and Rhode Island Require UM and UIM Auto Coverage?

Yes. The default when you purchase coverage is to include UM/UIM coverage. You are allowed to opt out of the coverage – which nobody should ever do!

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