Why Do Personal Injury Attorneys Have a Bad Reputation?

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Why do personal injury lawyers have a low opinion to many in the public? I am proud of having served the public for two decades fighting for the injured. But I can understand the perception that those who have not needed a personal injury lawyer may have. I thought I would write about this perception and what a reputable personal injury can do to help you, and to help society.

What do personal injury lawyers do?

At its best, personal injury law provides monetary compensation for the losses people experience when harmed by the negligence (carelessness) of others. In our society, insurance companies make profits by collecting premiums from us in exchange for promising to protect us when our negligence harms others. In a perfect world, we would not need lawyers if insurance companies did what they are supposed to do, provide compensation to those injured on behalf of their insureds who made the mistake.

However, liability insurance companies increase their (already large) profits by delaying, denying, or defending against the claims by the injured. Thus, one reason personal injury lawyers help society is by keeping insurance companies honest through the civil justice system.

Personal injury lawyers also help people with many details after an injury. There are forms to complete, deadlines to meet, and many other issues that most of us do not think about until it happens to us.

Personal injury lawyers also help people ensure that their health insurance companies and medical providers comply with the law. The same profit motive that exists for auto insurance companies to flout the law also exists for your health insurance company, medical companies, and other companies trying to bill you at a high rate and essentially take advantage of the injured.

In sum, without the best personal injury lawyer, you are at a severe disadvantage against all of these forces.

Why do personal injury lawyers have a poor reputation?

First, I have heard personal injury lawyers are like police officers. You may not fully appreciate them until you need one. At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we have been blessed to literally help thousands of car accident and personal injury victims throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New England. I founded this firm after serving as a judicial clerk to an appellate court judge, and working at reputable law firms, including trying jury cases in state and federal court. You can review my bio and accolades, including the coveted Martindale AV lawyer rating. Our clients, doctors, vendors, and other lawyers have contributed to our firm having some of the highest ratings possible and hundreds of positive, authentic customer reviews!

But for people who have not experienced a personal injury yet (after all, in your life, you will either have your own car accident or know someone who has), the media tends to paint personal injury lawyers in a negative light. You may not realize this, but the insurance industry spends significant resources putting out news releases to “spin” the story their way.  here are always two sides to every story – especially the famous McDonalds hot coffee injury and jury verdict. In that case, the insurance industry spent considerable effort to try to paint the poor plaintiff (who was severely burned) out to be a bad person. Fortunately, there have since been many many news stories and documentaries setting the record straight about this courageous woman and her top personal injury lawyers!

Of course, many in our profession are simply not honorable. Our industry, like others, is filled with dishonest and /or simply substandard shysters who call themselves “lawyers,” but do not have their heart in the right place to care for you, our client. These shysters have not put in the time to truly learn the trial techniques and weapons necessary to truly stand up for the injured against these powerful companies. Instead, they take easy shortcuts to get cheap nuisance settlements. If you, the public, do not know better, than it is easy to get enamored by the flash.

Here are some ways you may be able to tell if you are dealing with a shyster masquerading as a personal injury lawyer:

  • In your face advertising. Advertising that appeals to the lowest common denominator. Advertising that is filled with gimmicks, often by a “pitchman” with little real trial experience;
  • Google the pitchman shyster: What is his background? Has he been in the news papers for the wrong reasons? Has he had ethics complaints filed against him?  What kind of ethics does he have?;
  • Read all you can on the pitchman shyster’s biography – read in between the lines.  Do you see any judicial clerkship? Any dedication to being in the courtroom?  Is there a track record of cases in court?
  • Read carefully the case results (hopefully, there are detailed descriptions of the case results). Did the pitchman shyster actually work on the case? Are the case results typical?
  • What do others in the legal community think of this pitchman shyster?
  • Are the customer reviews “authentic”? What do the low reviews reveal?
  • Does the pitchman shyster return your calls? Does he genuinely care?

How do the best personal injury lawyers work?

Honesty. Integrity. Results. There are no shortcuts to the hard work that you require after suffering a personal injury. Despite the negative reputations lawyers receive – there’s nothing more rewarding than helping people achieve the justice they deserve. At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, my team and me take a personal approach to your case!  We are always here for you, with best interest at heart.

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