Woonsocket Personal Injury Lawyer: Bottaro Injury Lawyers Secures $85,000.00 UIM Settlement After Client’s Life-Changing Neck Pain

When an at-fault driver causes someone personal injuries after a car accident, it often changes that injured person’s life forever. Whether it be with unshakable pain, piling medical bills, or both, victims often find themselves in a new reality after injury. As a Woonsocket personal injury lawyer, I see this situation arise for my fellow community members often.

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As a personal injury law firm supporting our Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts communities, our job is to build the most compelling personal injury cases possible for our clients. Do you have questions about your recent car, truck/commercial vehicle, motorcycle, or other personal injury accident? Call us to discuss the specifics of your case, free of charge.

Today’s case highlight shows just how life-changing an at-fault driver’s mistake can be. Learn how we helped our client receive compensation to cover her medical needs and more!

Woonsocket, Rhode Island Accident Results in Client’s Chronic Tension Headaches and Severe Neck Pain

Our 49-year-old client was driving in Woonsocket, Rhode Island midday, like any other day. She was traveling down South Main Street at the same time the at-fault driver was as well. When the at-fault driver went to cross traffic lanes to make a turn, they failed to do so safely.

Instead of making sure they could travel across the road without incident, the at-fault driver collided with the front passenger side of our client’s vehicle! This caused our client’s airbags to deploy and ultimately caused severe physical damage to her and her vehicle.

Photo of our client’s vehicle right after the accident.

Immediately after the accident, Woonsocket Fire Department transported our client to Landmark Hospital with a headache, left wrist pain, and chest pain. Medical professionals took X-rays and treated our client.

Unfortunately, and like many of our car accident clients, our client’s problems did not stop there. For one, the at-fault driver did not carry enough bodily injury (BI) coverage to cover our client’s damages and growing medical bills. Additionally, our client’s injuries only worsened after the fact. She returned to the hospital 5 days later to report severe neck and continued chest pain.

If you ever find yourself injured in a Rhode Island or Massachusetts car accident like our client, call us to discuss how we may be able to help!

Client’s New and Continued Pain – Subsequent Treatment Required

Our client’s pain did not let up after the accident. During her hospital visit 5 days after the accident, doctors confirmed that she was only able to turn 45 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right.

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It’s not uncommon to feel new or worsened pain after a car accident. Like our Woonsocket, Rhode Island client, many of personal injury victims experience delayed and life-changing pain shortly after the accident. This is why is it important to contact a Woonsocket personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident to help manage your medical care.

Our client’s continued care resulted in her needing CT scans, MRIs, physical/chiropractic therapy, and continuous at-home care. For weeks after the accident, our client struggled to look up, look down, drive, stand for a long period of time, sleep, take the stairs, walk, run, or reach over her head. She reported dizziness, nausea, and debilitating headaches for weeks on end as well.

Woonsocket Personal Injury Lawyer, Not a Doctor. How Can Bottaro Help?

Here at Bottaro Injury Lawyers, our attorneys and legal professionals help our clients receive the legal compensation they deserve. While we obviously do not treat our client’s pain, we make sure that their medical expenses, loss of income, property damage, etc. is taken care of.

In this client’s case, we reviewed the police report, photographs, property reports, medical records, and medical bills to understand and build our client’s case. We also determined that the at-fault driver did not have enough insurance to cover our client’s damages, so we worked with both the at-fault driver’s and our client’s insurance companies to get her paid.

two airbags deploeyd

Our client maintained UM/UIM insurance to help cover damages the at-fault driver couldn’t. Questions about UM/UIM insurance? Check out our UM/UIM blog articles, including this recent case highlight, for more information. Of course, feel free to call us at any time with your questions as well!

Ultimately, we were able to secure $85,000.00 from our client’s insurance company to cover her injures, expenses, and more. Our client will need to continue at-home therapy, but we hope that we significantly helped on her road to recovery!

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