Youth Traffic Safety Month

Recently, I settled a sad case involving a Rhode Island teen killed in a car accident.  It was heart wrenching and every parent’s worst nightmare.  So today, I would like to highlight that May marks National Youth Traffic Safety Month.  While teen traffic safety is important year-round, it is especially important to us at Bottaro Injury Lawyers as the weather turns warmer and our teens are out of school.  In today’s article, I highlight top tips parents can follow to ensure their teen’s and others’ safety throughout our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities.

1. Set Up and Communicate a Driving Plan with Your Teens.

The truth of the matter is, you cannot control what your teens do once they are out of sight and behind the wheel.  However, you can set a driving plan with agreed-upon rules and expectations.  Communicate clearly and often that speeding and distracted or otherwise reckless driving is not tolerated.  Consider limiting the number of passengers allowed inside your teens’ vehicles, how late or how often your teens may drive a vehicle, or even where they are permitted to drive.   Often, when I am handling car accident personal injury cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts involving teenagers, there are some basic unsafe driving circumstances.  Having a plan can minimize this.

2. Lack of Seat Belts Are A Cause of Major Personal Injuries In Car Accidents – Remind Your Teens To Buckle Up.

Youth Traffic Safety Month’s campaign emphasizes seatbelt safety.  52% of teen drivers who died in 2020 did not have their seatbelts on.  Seatbelt safety is incredibly important to emphasize to all drivers, especially teens, who are statistically less likely to wear seatbelts.  Wearing a lap and shoulder seat belt significantly reduces the risk of death and moderate-to-critical car accident injuries.  So, make sure to emphasize buckling up to your teen drivers and passengers.

National seat belt signage campaigns have proven effective in getting people, including teens, to buckle up.  “Driving Fast and Furious? That’s Ludacris” – We at Bottaro Injury Lawyers love new and creative ways to get teens to wear seatbelts at all times.

3. Texting And Driving Car Accidents Cause Major Personal Injuries Too – Emphasize a Strict “No Texting While Driving” Policy.

Remind your teens early and often not to use their cell phones (outside of its hands-free capacity, once 18 years or older), as doing so is illegal in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Not only can getting caught on your cell phone increase car insurance premiums, but distracted driving statistically leads to more car accidents.  In 2020, 7% of young drivers involved in passenger vehicle accidents admitted to being distracted while driving – the largest portion of any age group reported.  Don’t let your teens be part of this statistic.

4. Practice What You Preach (On the Road, At Least).

Not only is it important to instill rules and expectations early in your teen’s driving years, but it is also imperative that you model these behaviors when you are in the driver’s seat with your teens.  Your children truly look to you as you a driving role model and have done so for years.  Watch your speed, distractions/cell phone use, and attitude toward others on the road.

5. Make Sure Your Teens Know What to Do in the Event of an Emergency, and Call Bottaro Injury Lawyers if Your Teen Is Injured.

While National Youth Traffic Safety Month hopes to increase safe driving practices, car accidents still happen all the time.  If injured, make sure your teens know to call the police, get to a safe place, document the scene of the accident, and carefully interact with others (and call you!).  As less experienced drivers – and humans – your teens will rely on you for guidance when things go awry.  Call Bottaro Injury Lawyers right away so we can expertly handle your teen’s case. We have years of experience and mountains of success stories, so when things go wrong, we can make sure you are made right.

Being in a car accident is scary, whether you are a teen or an experienced driver. If your teen has been injured in a car accident, focus on their health, safety, and mental and physical recovery. Call Bottaro Injury Lawyers to handle the legal matters.

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