$155,000.00 Car Accident Settlement For Shoulder Injury To Rhode Island Bookkeeper

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Do you trust car insurance companies? In today’s blog, I am going to give you another example of why after a car accident you should not!

Warwick Rhode Island Rear-End Car Accident With Personal Injuries

Our client, a 62-year-old woman from Warwick, Rhode Island was a front-seat passenger in her friend’s car. Suddenly, a careless driver slammed into the rear of her car.

Our client had recently recovered from a right shoulder injury. In the crash, the seat belt over her shoulder did its job, but in doing so, the impact caused both re-injury and new injury to the shoulder.

In immediate pain, the ambulance transported our client to Kent Hospital. Ultimately, after physical therapy, more imaging studies, and doctor’s treatment, the right shoulder needed surgery for labrum tears.

Her Own RI Car Insurance Company Ignored The Obvious Injury, Forcing Her Into A Bad Faith Personal Injury Lawsuit

Car insurance companies act in their interest, not yours. This is why you need the best personal injury law firm!  Here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we provide a car insurance company with every opportunity to review the evidence on the case and provide a fair settlement outside of court.  It continually astounds me how in many circumstances, the insurers ignore the facts and evidence in a case.

In this case, our client clearly suffered traumatic injuries through no fault of her own!  Yet, her very own underinsured motorist car insurance company refused to provide a reasonable settlement.

Therefore, I filed suit and hired the best expert, her own treating surgeon!  Through litigation, including depositions and court hearings, we won the case, turning a small offer into a fair, six-figure settlement!

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