3 Head Injuries Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You With To Achieve Top Compensation And Peace Of Mind

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In my personal injury practice in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, I have been blessed to help thousands of victims achieve justice after a car accident or other personal injury. Head injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (“TBIs”) can deeply affect you and your family. In this blog, I explore 3 types of head injuries where we can help:


  • Open and Closed Head Injuries:  At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we have had the opportunity to help many who have suffered a variety of traumatic head injuries impacting the brain and skull. We work with your doctors from Rhode Island Hospital and other local surgeons to help the jury understand differences in your injury and how it affects you. Whereas an open head injury may involve skull fractures, closed head injuries are also caused by traumatic impact. We humanize you and the crash to explain the mechanism (cause of injury) whether from hitting the windshield or steering wheel.
  • Ear injuries: We have also had car accident cases where the impact caused damage to your ears. Our ears are extremely fragile, and even the smallest of car accidents could rupture the structure of the inner ear – which could cause headaches, irritation in the ear, and even an itchy feeling in the throat. We have had a number of cases involving tinnitus (ear ringing) after a car accident. More severe ear injuries could lead to cognition problems, loss of balance, difficulty remembering and other neurological effects.
  • Eye Injuries:  Airbags are leading factors to harming the eyes during a car accident. One of my largest cases involved a tragic case in Woonsocket, Rhode Island involving an airbag explosion shattering a sun visor that shattered into our client’s eye causing permanent vision loss. When an airbag deploys, it can also cause retina damage, bleeding within the eye, or even rupture of the eyeball. These types of eye injuries usually require surgery and could lead to blindness in serious cases. Eye injuries can also result from broken glass or flying debris.
  • Jaw and Tooth Injuries: Common jaw injuries in car accidents include lower jaw (mandible) fractures and other injuries to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which connects the lower jaw to the skull. Broken teeth or losing teeth are also common during a crash.

Even if an injury is not visible, seeking medical attention after a motor vehicle accident is extremely important. Some injuries may not be seen immediately, but their long-term effects could be serious, even fatal.

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