$39,000.00 Providence Truck Accident Arbitration Personal Injury Settlement

18 Wheeler driving on the highway

Do you know how much a tractor trailer weighs? Average about 35,000 pounds.  Can you imagine a massive 18 wheeler pulling out in front of you?

It’s a scary thought, and it was even scarier for our recent Providence, Rhode Island client who suffered personal injuries from a truck accident.


Providence Truck Accident With Back Personal Injuries

When a careless tractor trailer truck driver pulled out in front of our client, there was a resulting major truck accident.  As you can see from below in this Providence truck accident, our client’s car was declared a total loss:

Our client’s car after truck accident

Our client experienced immediate pain. An ambulance took her to Rhode Island Hospital.

As a result of the crash, she suffered a spinal injury that caused her to miss work for some time and to treat for her injuries.

Her job not only required her to be on her feet but to be active and alert for patients in the nursing and rehabilitation industry. The back injuries affected her work and daily life.

Getting The Best RI Truck Accident lawyer To Fight Through Litigation

Our client’s car at the scene of the accident

The best lawyers know that often we need to decline the early settlement offers and get the case filed into Superior Court to litigate.  In this case, fortunately our client did not suffer lifetime injuries as in other trucking cases we handle, but nonetheless we filed suit.

Attorney Curtis Winning At Binding Arbitration!

Rhode Island has favorable law as a pure tort state and with comparative negligence.  In litigation, Attorney Michael Curtis shepherded the discovery through depositions.  There were significant issues with liability due to the distances involved as well as the severity and causation of the slipped disc type of lumbar injury.  We were able to efficiently place this case into binding arbitration.  At that hearing, we presented the testimony and evidence and won a $39,000.00 award, an amount that was in line with the case value and significantly higher than the previous offer.

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