Attorney Mike Bottaro Settles Heavy Rear-End Rhode Island Car Accident Case for Confidential Amount

bottaro with client

Out of the many types of car accident cases that I handle routinely are Rhode Island rear-end car accidents with personal injuries. Let me tell you about this one recent car accident case where I helped our client after she suffered multiple injuries, including a painful concussion.

Woonsocket, Rhode Island Car Accident Personal Injury Case

Our client was traveling on Manville Road in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, where the defendant suddenly struck her vehicle, pushing her right into the vehicle ahead of her. Due to the high speed the other vehicle was traveling, our client’s car was deemed a total loss. Immediately complaining of neck pain, our client was transported to Landmark Medical Center to have her personal injuries diagnosed. Her injuries included cervical, lumbar, and thoracic strain/sprains with spasms, as well as a shoulder sprain/strain and whiplash.

Our client began chiropractic treatment for several weeks, but was still complaining of migraines that affected her daily activities. After finding out about his client’s suffering, Attorney Mike Bottaro personally recommended that his client sought out medical advice from a neurologist.

After her first appointment, our client was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, a complex disorder that is caused from concussion symptoms lingering longer than the usual healing time. With the help of seeing a neurologist, our client was able to regulate her migraines and reduce the episodes to only once a week.

Lost Wages and Settlement

Due to our client’s personal injuries, she was taken out of work for several weeks. Knowing this, Attorney Bottaro was sure to help his client receive compensation for the money she missed from not being able to perform her work duties.

Through careful case preparation, Attorney Bottaro ultimately secured a settlement that was able to help our client get back on her feet and put this car accident behind her. Not only was our client extremely happy with her experience – but her daughter wanted to meet Mike so badly that she also came by to our firm to visit!

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