Brain Injury Awareness Month

brain injury

After a traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) in Rhode Island, I would like to bring awareness to a significant resource that exists here.

Unlike physical injuries, the symptoms of a brain injury are more subtle, often known as an “invisible injury” except that for Rhode Islanders who care for a loved one with a TBI, they are hardly invisible.

According to the Brain Injury Foundation, 28% of TBI result from a slip and falls; while 20% of all TBI’s result from being in a car accident.

Having practiced RI personal injury law and helping clients and their families who have experienced TBIs after a car accident or fall, I was thinking about this topic during Brain Injury Awareness Month.

Rhode Island TBI Resource: Brain Injury of RI

TBI’s, or traumatic brain injuries, are personal injuries that disrupt the function of the brain. Blows or physical impacts to the head are the leading cause of these injuries.

TBI personal injury clients and their families need not our legal help as experienced personal injury lawyers, but also the help offered in the Rhode Island community.

For years we have referred clients to, for example, the Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island.  This organization is one of several that we help you connect with during this time.

Rhode Island TBI Legal Action

My role comes in as a legal counselor and one who can walk TBI clients through the civil legal process after a personal injury such as a car accident or trip and fall.

We offer 24/7 free consultations and a professional reputation in the community.  As a local firm, we know Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts and take pride in fighting for the injured against large insurance companies.

These companies often try to downplay the significance of a TBI.  But we know how we can help.

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