Choosing the Right Nursing Home

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With studies showing that half of more of all nursing home residents become victims of some form of neglect or abuse, how do you choose the right nursing home for yourself or your aging loved one? Nursing homes provide indispensable services and fill important roles in today’s society, but that does not excuse them from providing professional, safe, and compassionate care.

When choosing a RI or MA nursing home, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. In this article, we provide some tips, information, and resources that can assist with your decision.

Issues to Consider when Evaluating Nursing Homes

Here are some key issues to consider when evaluating nursing homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island:

  • Cleanliness and Quality of Facilities. Nursing homes should be clean and well maintained. If you walk in and see ripped carpet, peeling paint, or dirty bathrooms in the common areas, you can generally expect the same – or worse – in residents’ private rooms.
  • Safety Practices and Procedures. When you look around, do you see smoke detectors? Fire extinguishers? Emergency preparedness kits? Do you see cleaning chemicals, medical equipment, or drugs just lying around? These are basic things to look for when visiting a nursing home.
  • Staff Numbers and Training. It is important that nursing homes be adequately staffed with trained professionals. When evaluating a nursing home, you should inquire with the facility’s manager about staffing levels and the home’s training and education standards.
  • Comments from Current Residents and Their Family Members. Speaking with current residents and their family members is one of the best ways to learn about a nursing home. When you speak with these individuals, what do they say? Are they satisfied with their care? Do they express concerns, or worse, seem afraid to speak up?
  • Licensing and Legal Compliance. Nursing homes must be licensed, and they must comply with federal, state, and local regulations that govern things like patient safety and privacy rights. You can check nursing home licenses at these links for Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Also review our blog linking to a 2014 report on federal inspections of Rhode Island nursing homes. Facilities should be more than happy to provide you with evidence that they are meeting their legal duties.

Keep in mind that these are important considerations not only for choosing a nursing home, but also for monitoring ongoing care. If the quality of your chosen nursing home has declined or if you or your loved one has received inadequate care, you may want to consider relocating to another facility.

Resources for Additional Information

The following resources provide information about choosing the right nursing home:

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