Newport Rhode Island $315,000.00 Bike Accident Personal Injury Settlement For Military Member

I was proud to recently settle a bike accident case for a Navy officer in Newport, Rhode Island. I would like to share details with you in today’s blog.

Rhode Island Motorist Runs Stop Sign Causing Newport Bike Accident Near Navy Base

Our client is an active member of our nation’s military with a young family residing in the Newport RI area.  He was riding his road bike in full compliance with traffic laws.

Suddenly, a driver in a large vehicle blew a stop sign and slammed into our client, causing our client to vault off the bike, into the car, and onto the asphalt.

Our client was diagnosed with several injuries at Newport Hospital.

L5-S1 Disc Herniation Resulting In Emergency Surgery

After conservative treatment including physical therapy, our client still had a low back injury that was resulting in radiating pain and other troubling symptoms. As a young father, this was stressful and painful.

Unfortunately, a lumbar MRI came back with a traumatic L5-S1 disc herniation. Our client quickly underwent emergency microdiscectomy surgery.

Rehab was slow and painful with obstacles including numbness, some of which has persisted.

Our legal investigation into the case included a detailed case review of the crash scene, organization, and research into the legal and medical causation issues, as well as analysis of lost wage and future impairment issues.

I was grateful to have the opportunity to personally work on our client’s case including the above and then confronting two different auto insurance companies. At the end of our work, I was able to recover all of the insurance money from both policies and provide our client with some financial relief, tax-free.

If you have suffered a bike accident or other personal injury, call or text me for a free confidential consultation. I want to be your lawyer and our team is passionate about helping people.

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