Personal Injury Attorney Mike Bottaro Settles Challenging Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Case For Maximum Policy Limits

motorcycle accident

Today, I will be blogging about a challenging motorcycle accident that I recently settled for a confidential maximum policy limit amount.

Providence, RI Motorcycle Accident Law and Personal Injuries

Our client was riding his motorcycle south on North Main Street in Providence when a vehicle suddenly made a U-Turn to enter the northbound lane of traffic, directly in front of our client, who was traveling straight. Our client was unable to yield and struck the rear side of the vehicle coming towards him.

Due to the impact, our client was initially found unconscious with facial lacerations above his eye. He then went to Rhode Island Hospital to be treated for his multiple personal injuries: including multiple missing and damaged teeth and a subdural hematoma.

After the accident, our client went to have his fractured and missing teeth fixed – something that he will still have to continue throughout his life. He also received physical therapy treatment for his lumbar and cervical strain/sprain for several weeks.

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Settlement

When our client hit the pavement after being struck by a vehicle, he suffered from a traumatic brain injury that deeply impacted his daily life. After the accident, he would complain of dizziness when moving from laying and sitting and would have to wait until the dizziness subsides to continue moving.

Traumatic brain injuries are caused by any physical impact to the head that disrupts the brain’s normal function. Although most of these injuries are mild, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention reports that they still account for 30 personal of all injury related deaths.

The challenge on this bike accident case was on proving fault. Due to the rear impact here, the insurance companies initially found that our client was at fault – offering $0.00.  As the case proceeded, I was able to further investigate the scene and gather evidence.  Due to my years of experience, The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC has access to essential resources such as accident reconstruction experts, former police officers, and other experts who can testify and help explain the factors involved in the crash.

After putting the fault section of the case together, the injuries were next. Consulting the dental and other medical records was important in proving the significant monetary damages experienced by our biker. With the high end settlement, our client has now been able to obtain full dental work and more than satisfy his other medical expenses.

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