$50,000.00 Motorcycle Accident Settlement By Providence Lawyer Mike Bottaro

I am passionate about fighting for bikers after a motorcycle accident throughout Rhode Island and Southern New England.  Our team knows how to get the most money for your bike and personal injuries as fast as possible so you can get back to living.  This motorcycle season, we have already helped several bikers, including this recent Providence Rhode Island motorcycle accident for our client.

Providence Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident

When a careless driver made a left turn in front of our client, it resulted in a major motorcycle accident with property damage to our client’s bike below: 

Motorcycle Accident

Damages to our client’s bike after the accident

Our client was in immediate pain when they were struck by the vehicle and thrown off his motorcycle, resulting in bleeding in their urine and continuous headaches.  An ambulance rushed to the scene and took him to Rhode Island Hospital to be evaluated.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Our client’s injuries after the accident

As a result of the crash, he suffered multiple injuries including pain to the knees, ankles, shoulders, lower back, and neck. The sum of her injuries caused him to miss work for some time and to treat for his injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Our client’s injuries after the accident

Out of Work With Medical Bills – Get The Best RI Motorcycle Accident Lawyer To Fight The Insurance Companies! 777-7777! 

Our client was smart to understand that no insurance companies or billing companies, hospitals, etc. were on her side after a motorcycle accident.  Rather, those big companies are all looking out for their best interests.  

Being out of work took not only a financial toll on our client, but also an emotional one, as the medical bills and harassing phone calls continued from the providers.

At our law firm, it is our passion to help right away! When our client called, we immediately issued letters putting a stop to all contact without our involvement.  We also helped getting him paid for his bike and immediately started fighting the insurance companies.

Ultimately, the insurance company of the at fault drive accepted liability and we were able to recover coverage quickly. 

The settlement funds helped reimburse our client, pay bills, and also provided additional tax free dollars for his pain and suffering.  Perhaps most important, our client recovered and so he could return to enjoying his love for cars and riding his motorcycle!  

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