Pedestrian Hit By Drunk Driver Suffers Brain Injury

Car accidents involving pedestrians can cause serious personal injuries, even death.  Did you know that nationally pedestrian car accident wrongful deaths have increased by 59 percent since 2009? At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we help people injured in car accidents throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  In today’s blog, I wanted to review a recent car accident case resulting in a brain injury that I settled here in Providence, Rhode Island.

Providence, Rhode Island Pedestrian Car Accident Causes Brain Injury

Last year, we received a call from a young man on behalf of his father. His father was walking in a crosswalk on Elmwood Avenue in Providence, RI when a drunk driver ran a red light and smashed into him, flipping the man into the air.

It was a horrific car accident and when the Providence Police Department showed at the scene, our client was unconscious. The ambulance rushed him to Rhode Island Hospital. 

Brain Injury Car Accident

Our client in the hospital after the accident

After the car accident, the doctors assessed our client with multiple injuries. The most significant was a traumatic brain injury (“TBI”).  TBIs can be life-changing.  In this case, doctors immediately admitted him, inpatient, in a special unit of the hospital.

At first, our client could not do many daily activities that we take for granted on his own. As days passed, the outstanding Rhode Island brain doctors helped stabilize our client and he gradually regained some motor skills and other functions.  After weeks and through rehabilitation, he was able to restore balance, walking, and talking improved. 

Brain Injury Car Accident

Our client recovering after the accident

Can I Sue In A Drunk Driving Car Accident With personal Injuries And A Brain Injury?

Matthew Gonzalez, Bottaro Law Investigating Specialist

Matthew Gonzalez, Bottaro Law Investigating Specialist

While our client continued to seek treatment, our team got to work on the legal case.  Of course, we brought a claim against the driver, who it turns out, was drinking and driving.  


During the legal case, I would like to draw special attention to our legal assistants who helped immensely in the investigation, Marissa Roberson, and Matthew Gonzalez.  Suppose you are involved in a personal injury, such as a car accident that causes a brain injury. In that case, you need to lawyer up and I would urge you to consider our law firm, where we only represent the injured and have a deep and talented team of legal professionals to give your case the care and attention it deserves.  

Marissa Roberson, Bottaro Law Legal Assistant

Marissa Roberson, Bottaro Law Legal Assistant

As the case progressed, Marissa and Matt helped me obtain valuable police reports, photos, diagrams, and the medical evidence necessary to win the case.

As fast as possible, our team helped me to organize the evidence and present it to the drunk driver’s car insurance company so that they would settle for the full amount.  At the same time, we also worked hard to ensure our client was getting great treatment, and that his medical bills and lost wages were being paid.

We were able to collect the maximum settlement from the at-fault party and give our client the comfort of being able to pay off his medical expenses and help with any future recovery he would need in the future. 

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