Roger Clemens Son Wins $3.24 Million In Personal Injury Case: How Do You Prove Assault And Negligence?

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Recently the son of former baseball pitcher Roger Clemens and a friend won $3.24 million legal award arising from allegations of assault and negligence. As a personal injury lawyer, I am sometimes asked about these types of claims.

Can I Make A Civil Assault Claim For Personal Injuries In Rhode Island?


In the Clemens case, he and a companion alleged that they were physically assaulted by security bouncers in Houston Tx, on New Year’s Eve.

Most people think of assault as involving criminal charges brought by the attorney general.

But in most jurisdictions, including in Rhode Island, an injured victim may consider filing a civil personal injury lawsuit against his attacker(s) for claims such as civil assault and negligence.

In the Clemens civil case, the news reported that Clemens suffered injuries to his neck and a swollen elbow on his throwing arm. His friend alleged personal injuries including a skull fracture.

The two, who played minor league baseball, filed a civil lawsuit against the individuals as well as the facility itself.

What Is A Civil Assault And/or Related Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Assault in the criminal sense means charges that can result in jail time or fines. When a personal injury claimant seeks to file a civil lawsuit, they are entitled to seek money damages.

These civil personal injury claims can be complex and time-consuming. Insurance coverage and other legal issues frequently come to light.

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