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Our firm takes pride in staying up the personal injury news and blogging on our client’s cases, and community initiatives. We hope you find these blogs helpful and look forward to helping you.

In April we are focusing on women’s health in supporting two important organizations. First, we are sponsoring a gala held by Amenity Aid.  Amenity Aid was started by Rhode Island women and is located right her in Warwick, Rhode Island.  … Continue reading

Actual Client Wrist Injury

Did you know that if you have a pre-existing condition that a car accident aggravates you may be entitled to compensation?  The “aggravation of a pre-existing condition” is recognized in our Rhode Island pattern jury instructions as well as in … Continue reading

18 Wheeler driving on the highway

Do you know how much a tractor trailer weighs? Average about 35,000 pounds.  Can you imagine a massive 18 wheeler pulling out in front of you? It’s a scary thought, and it was even scarier for our recent Providence, Rhode … Continue reading

Suffered personal injuries after a motorcycle accident? At our firm, we focus on personal injury bike cases.  Sometimes folks are hesitant to use our free 24/7 number because they received a traffic ticket in the crash.  In today’s blog, I explore … Continue reading

Our legal assistant, Ashleigh

Last month our legal assistant Ashleigh recognized National Kidney Month by selecting the National Kidney Foundation as her Teammate Charity of the Month. At Bottaro Law, each month, one of us takes a turn at choosing a charity that is … Continue reading

Person walking their dog on a trail

As the warm weather emerges, we all anticipate getting back outside and enjoying outdoor activities. Hitting the bike tracks, running on trails, and even walking in the neighborhood. What fun would it be without man’s best friend? If you are … Continue reading

Person riding a motorcycle

Motorcycle season is upon us! For one of our clients, a summer night cruise turned into a life changing experience last summer. Recently, we settled her motorcycle accident case involving a drunk driver where our client suffered complex knee and … Continue reading

Person on their cell phone while driving

“One second, let me just send this text quick…” That one second could take someone’s life, not to mention your own. Distracted driving, as well as speed, is one of the top reasons and concerns for motor vehicle accidents. What … Continue reading

Bottaro Team Members Volunteering at Fifty Three: Five

What started as a personal injury case, has ended up to be much more than that.  While handling a dear client’s case, I learned about his ministry efforts serving the homeless in Providence, Rhode Island. My client and friend Saye began serving … Continue reading

Blue bicycle with a basket

Did you know that after a car accident, bike accident, or other personal injury, there are defined terms in insurance policies that can have a big impact on your legal rights? In today’s blog, let’s examine the meaning of a “motor … Continue reading