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Did you know that after a Rhode Island or Massachusetts one category of damages that the insurance companies often do not tell you about is called “mental pain and suffering”? May is known as Mental Health Month, and each year, … Continue reading

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This is Mike Bottaro and as my friends across RI and Mass. are about to get their bikes out for Spring (!!!), it’s time to break out 3 of my best practices tips if you go down on your bike. For … Continue reading


Last year, while at an out of state conference is when I first noticed the electric scooters and bikes taking over many of our cities. Since that time, I have been reviewing and now accepting Rhode Island and Massachusetts electric … Continue reading


Head injuries after a motor vehicle accidents or other personal injury is common. Did you know that a special type of doctor called a neurologist can help treat you after a concussion or other type of brain injury? At the Bottaro … Continue reading

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Pedestrian auto accidents can disrupt your life and lead to auto accident legal claims. After a car struck our client while she was walking across the street in Pawtuxet Village, personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro fought to achieve justice for his … Continue reading


If you have suffered a personal injury from a Rhode Island car accident, you need to know that auto insurance companies will use your past medical history to deny or limit your legal rights to compensation. At the Bottaro Law … Continue reading

Rhode Island Brain Injury Lawyers

In my personal injury practice in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, I have been blessed to help thousands of victims achieve justice after a car accident or other personal injury. Head injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (“TBIs”) can deeply affect … Continue reading

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Handling car accident personal injury claims across Rhode Island and Massachusetts, I have seen many types of injuries in my experience. Here are what you could call the top 3 that I deal with against insurance companies: 1. Neck and Back … Continue reading


Have you noticed that massive for-profit electric scooter companies, Bird and Lime, have invaded Providence, Rhode Island lately? Our personal injury firm is investigating and actively taking personal injury claims involving Rhode Island personal injuries from scooter use. Bird and Lime … Continue reading

Rhode Island Brain Injury Lawyers

The brain is one of the most important things that we must protect – without our brain, we would be nothing. However, we can’t plan for accidents to happen. Whether a slip-and-fall incident occurs or you get into a car … Continue reading