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Did you know that across the country, including in Rhode Island and Massachusetts where I practice personal injury law, there have been thousands of e-scooter accidents? If you have been injured in a scooter accident involving companies like Bird, Lime, Spin, … Continue reading


What is it like to undergo emergency cervical surgery after a car crash? To be unable to run your business? To need to wear a hard collar neck brace 24 hours per day? In today’s blog, we will explore a recent successful … Continue reading

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Did you know that even when you are in a terrible crash and have shoulder surgery that Rhode Island insurance companies like Amica can deny, delay, and defend your claim for justice? This is Rhode Island personal injury lawyer Mike … Continue reading

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After an auto accident, one of the first hurdles that we help you resolve will be issues related to your property damage claim. There are several different types of coverage that come into play regarding property damage, but one of … Continue reading

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How does the personal injury process work after a RI motorcycle accident with personal injuries? This is Attorney Mike Bottaro and I want to share a recent successful settlement reached for my clients, a longtime married couple, whom I now … Continue reading


If you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or other incident, did you know that you could recover for your pain and suffering? What is pain and suffering anyway? The insurance companies will not tell you about the categories … Continue reading


Who’s making a lot of money from COVID-19? If you read our blog, you know that car insurance companies making out big time. Less cars on the road means less claims and less payouts. This means that we are all being charged … Continue reading

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Do you know that if you get into a motorcycle accident with personal injury, the insurance company is not obligated to advise you of your legal rights? This is true with bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other accidents involving cars, pedestrians, … Continue reading